Treehouse by AKWIUS

June 16th 2015 in Playlist

If MoWax and Echocord were actually sentient beings who, in a couple decades from now, went deep into the forest to hotbox their treehouse and bump uglies for a good couple weeks what would that sound like? These are the types of questions that AKWIUS explores and strives to uncover so the listener will have all the answers laid out in front of them to adventure through with peace of mind.

But this sci-fi fantasy isn’t the only root of inspiration for his debut album Treehouse. This one is for the B-Boys, Graffiti Artists, Emcees and DJ’s to utilize as a form of meditation to hone their skills and perfect their craft. In fact it’s for everyone throughout the universe to enjoy for this purpose as well. This is whole hearted organic Hip-Hop with an honest and unique perspective designed for modern times and beyond.

The title “Treehouse” may be used to describe both the setting for the state of mind in which the album was created and the name of a new sub-genre classifying the deep, spaced out, yet still oddly dance floor conscious beats that the album is comprised of. Don’t expect to get the full sonic experience of this album through earbuds as it is very much aimed at a hi-fi system put on blast so you’ll really be able to feel it. And the next time you ask yourself, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? Remember this: no one realized it but AKWIUS was there the whole time getting a 24bit field recording of it to add to the next beat.

The debut album Treehouse by AKWIUS is available on hi-def CD and digital download via the Deftronix bandcamp site and digitally via iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

Released by: Deftronix (
Copyright: ©Deftronix/AKWIUS
Published by: ℗SKY VIBES (BMI)

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