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March 8th 2020 in New, Playlist

Today we are announcing our new premium player for One Love Hip Hop Radio, with complete information of the current song, playback history, and high premium audio quality.

For our premium members that support our radio station. They have 5 Rap City expertly curated channels, and original shows in premium quality.

1.) One Love: Classic and New Hip Hop and R&B.

2.) #OnRepeat: Music in high rotation.

3.) Trending: Trending and Top modern Hip Hop.

4.) Classic: Classic Hip Hop from 90s.

5.) Old School: Old School, Hard Core and Deep Uncut Hip Hop.

Cassette mode

The vintage format is combined with modern web technology. Try listening old school music in Cassette Mode

To activate it go to the live player and select the Cassette mode in: “Settings |Appearance | Artwork – Cassette | Cassette”

Full song information

If you have wondered the name, album or year of a song we have played? Now you can get all the details. Just press the + button on the song.


Now you can activate the automatic change of the wallpapers in: “Settings | Background | Slideshow | Enable | Transition Delay | 15, 30, 60 minutes”

Also if you prefer you can hide the album image of the current song in: “Settings | Appearance | Cover Picture | Hide”

Mobile player

Try the new player at from your mobile device and listen online without downloading APPs.

We hope you and your friends love our new web Player service as much as we loved making it for you.

Listen to Rap City Premium channel

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