Frank Casino Gets The Whole Thing in New York

June 22nd 2016 in New

While many still argue about Frank Casino’s childhood background and where he’s from really, what remains undebatable is the fact that his talent is not the only thing that has gotten him where he is today. His creatively ecumenical sound backs this statement in more ways than one, more so now that the global music community has been exposed to his unparalleled artistry as a Hip-Hop artist and producer.

The term ‘colossal’ is applied to many artists and producers without credence; Frank Casino is one of the few who truly warrant the title. In a space of 8 months (September 2015 – May 2016) the 23-year old gifted rapper has released two universal tunes with consummate versatility. While ‘Just Before The Riches’ caught the attention of international media, ‘Whole Thing’; the official single, gained him a strong following in South Africa; with a growing footprint in the U.S. Though the young unassuming intercontinental musician admits that he hasn’t done half of what he’s set out to achieve, he has no doubt that he has paid his dues in the industry and no one can take that away from him. His musical journey dates back to 2004, and along the way he has learnt a lot, from being an artist to being a label owner. Asked whether being signed makes things any easier Frank Casino said it depends what’s your definition of ‘easy’. “Just like success means different things to different people, what may seem easy to me might be quiet difficult for another artist. What really matters is the music and the degree of commitment both parties (the label and the artist) have on the vision“ he explained.

Frank Casino is currently signed under ‘Dapper Gang Records’ with ‘Whole Thing’ being his debut single to come out of the label. The single deviates from what people may have heard from his past material, in fact the sing-along heralds the arrival of Frank Casino as the next international break-through artist.

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