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July 2nd 2012 in New

Five Coffees Gathering from all corners of Sydney, Australia, is the collaboration of music students Dean Adams and Guy Elsom. They are a 7 piece band with live MC, horn section and rhythm section. Five Coffees bridges the gap between traditional jazz and hip hop, embracing improvisation live and creating an exciting sound. They are thriving in an ever growing audience of hip hop in Australia. 70’s funk legend Don Blackman (Earth Wind and Fire/Parliament) recently labelled the band as ‘funky!’ when shown a live clip from youtube. Five Coffees songwriter Dean Adams was influenced by several tracks when traveling to New York in 2009 where he played with the late guitar legend, Les Paul.

Their Debut album ‘Flatline’ (now available on iTunes) rocketed to #6 on the Australian community radio charts within one month of release. Feature track ‘Johnnie Walker Gives Sound Advice’ has had over 1500 plays on popular Australian station Triple J Unearthed. The 7 track album was recorded in Sydney and mastered by Ben Feggans (Empire of the Sun) and produced by Steeve Body (De La Soul).

Debut album Flatline available on iTunes. 7 tracks recorded in Sydney, Australia. Mastered by Ben Feggans (Empire of the Sun) and produced by Steeve Body (De La Soul).

  • Album: Flatline.
  • Original Release Date: 09/11/2011.
  • Copyright: (C) 2011 Five Coffees.

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