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    • All the way from TRINIDAD&TOBAGO I love this site you play the songs i admire from UNDERGROUND to ON THE GROUND itself from 90’s to now u bad keep it up always locked on also love the cassette form on the LIVE page brings back memories

    • Tiago Silva

      Hey guys

      i’m from lisbon, portugal and i started to listen to onelovehiphop! is simply the best, old school shits the greats hits! omg 2pac,big,nas,wutang,snoop,mop. keep doing that! fuck comercials, i love this radio



    • Ivo

      Hey guys,

      After googling a bit for a decent hiphop radio, I came across you guys….
      DAMN! Only the best songs, the nicest, the hardest and the dopest.

      I am listening to your station my entire working day and if I get the chance the evenings as well. (from Netherlands).

      BTW shout out to your 90s classic support! As a 90s kid (born in 88) I get so freakin’ hyped about most of the songs comming by! Especially since I ran into my old 90s hiphop CD collection recently 😀

      One Love! One Hip Hop!!!!

      • Thanks, stay tuned new Big things soon

    • João Marcello Gonçalves

      man.. so many classics in this mix.. pure fire!

      • Thank you. more mixes like that soon..

    • Edwin Tadjahmadi

      This is so dope

    • Sir Kenny

      am rebroadcasting you live stream on my blog…live

    • Sergio Fernández

      Please do an app from this radio

    • Stanford JH Omoregbee

      nicely done, im feelin all yah beats…. #nigeria

    • one love!

    • barry williams

      TRINIDAD trini say this station rocks