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    • john kabirigo

      Thumbs up 4 One Love Hip Hop Radio.U play the kind of music i real enjoy, the underground & rap music.One, how can i own that music. I will be glad when i land that music

      • One Love

        Thanks for the support and for Tune in!

    • Nita

      Hey guys

      I’m from Sydney, Aust and I listen to OneLove online – I gotta say you guys play awesome tunes. I ‘m loving it!

      Thanks guys – Thanks for playing real Hip Hop!

      • One Love

        Thanks for Tune in! Every day we work to find the best Hip Hop for you.


    • peter

      Hey OneHipHop

      im from austria listenin to OneLove over itunes, and i have to say you guys are awesome. best hiphop everytime

      • One Love

        Thanks!! One Love Austria..

    • valmir

      thanks… one love brasil..

    • Alexandru

      Romania’s bouncin’ to one love!
      Great playlists! 10x all.

    • katie

      hey guys you play awesome tunes


      I am from the best city in the STATES (MIAMI). keep the Hip HOP
      alive specially the OLD SCHOOL. I will always be a fan of ONE LOVE!

      • One Love

        No doubt.. Thanks for Tune in!!

    • Kate

      Hey from New Zealand I Love One Love!

      • One Love

        Thanks for Tune in!! Kate

    • Petna the playlist but still looking for some DEAD PREZ, ZION I, IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE, TECH9NINE

    • Regiel

      The best radio in hip hop, love brasil.

      • One Love

        Thank a lot.. Regiel :)

    • Phil

      I was wondering if anybody knew what was the name of the Inspectah Deck song that was playing on 10/11/11 around 12 or 1 am. I came to see the name of it online but I came to late. BTW great station and music.

      • mb

        Masta Killa – Nehanda and Cream

    • 345Angel

      Shout Out from the Cayman Islands…..old skool, new skool–this station is HOT HOT HOT HOT! One Love & Jah Bless

    • http://IFM.AC.TZ FOZO

      niggaz thumbz up 4 being kind enough to feel real rap 4rm all revolutiopners like 2pac n oda hip hop artists ol over motherfuckin wold

    • roberta uva

      hip hop mi fa sentire viva
      hip hop me hace sentir viva
      hip hop me fait sentir vive
      hip hop makes me feel alive

    • Mo

      Best radio, love from Romania

    • nkosi

      yo one love hip hop the best online fe real …nuff respect from Montreal Quebec , Canada

    • Cali

      Love this station! All the way from Cali, all dayyy!!!

    • Boonkers

      Russia with you, guys! Keep going to do it. It’s a really awesome station. My respect for all of you, guys!

    • kimmij

      Just was put up on dis…LOVE IT!! Keep it comin!!

      • One Love

        Thank a lot..

    • tom

      One love in a computer programming office in the UK! Everyone loves it :)

      • One Love

        That is nice.. Thanks for Tune in!!

    • Roberts

      Peru with you, guys.
      always listen

      • One Love

        Gracias por sintonizar desde America Latina :)

    • eduado

      watsup one love?u guyz ur the bomb!!!!!!!!! u music is da best

      • One Love

        Thank you, Regards.

    • JRoman

      Much love from Santa Ana CAlifor-N-I-A..
      You guys doin’ a GREAT job! Love the jams OLd n New!
      Jack- ONE

      • One Love

        Thanks!! JRoman.

    • don

      great work guys brings me back 12 – 15 years chillin with me mates growing up here in AUS – shits all over the recent stuff – keep up the good work

      • One Love

        Thanks Bro.. more music every day.

    • oxen

      hey, best its da best radio st. for my soul, big HELLO from Russia, Urals.
      Peace :)

    • Beautiful lady

      Thank you for keep alive this genre musical, this story. Please reach us all every day through music. I am very proud of it. Still working hard, to get much bigger in what you like and you can do very well. I love you so much.

    • MceeTip

      I love your radio, the way you play its so amazing. From Cape verde islands west Africa.

      • One Love

        Thanks for the comment.. 1 Hip-Hop/Rap radio station..

    • e1even1


      • One Love

        No doubt, thanks for commenting… hip hop tracks, hiphop world, love and Hip Hop

    • Danil

      Привет из России! Отличный Hip-Hop! one luv from Russia))

    • DjBigDaz

      This is Dj BigDaz reppin L.E.S. NYC…but tuned in in Orlando…this station is pure FIRE! Imma put my stamp on it! CERTIFIED BANGA!!! Keep doin wat u doin…ONE!

      • One Love


    • Vladimir

      From Ukraine regards onehiphop respekt!!!

    • Ardit

      One luv from Kosovo!

    • christopher

      Put more old school hip hop like 2pac biggie smalls ice cube nate dog shyheim more like thah please thanks

    • Adrian

      because of this site HipHop is still alive !!!
      the mix of new and old school is awesome

      Peace from Germany

      • One Love

        Yea.. Thanks!! “Hip Hop isn’t dead”

    • ed

      i think tahts the only good/real rap radio station that exist was surprised what oldshool classic one hiphop played thanks for all it wholud be a shame that we forget the golden ara
      peace from germany

      • One Love

        Thanks!! “Take the best that exists and make it better”

    • Renoski

      Discovered your radio station last night while playing cards with the fam. We listened to it from 9 pm to 3 am. Everybody was like: man this station is the truth, even if not everybody was a hiphop fan.
      Wake up this morning and still listening to your selection.
      Amazing job guys, thanks for lovin and supporting real hiphop!
      Much love from Gabon, Africa.

      • One Love

        Welcome, and thank you. :)

    • Mike at Four Site

      Thanks one love . Great tunes. Siobhan and Mike love the beats but Dan hates them…could you spin some Coldplay for him…..U Dare!! Keep up the good work.

    • Hana

      I’m ALSO from Sydney Aust, I just moved back to Syd after years of living in NYC.. I get my hit from one love hip hop radio.. LOVE!

    • mohamed

      1 love hip hop radio runing on line all the time thanks for your work and greeting from sweden

      • One Love

        Thank You Bro.

    • Clark

      Hi from France, good tunes, a mix of old hits, and commercial new hits ! Great.

      Continuez comme ca, c’est super ce que vous faites ! J’adore !

      • One Love

        Thank You.

    • Russian KoenigCity Blower

      You are the best. We do not have anything like that. Every night with you. Not once was very high on your wave. Respect from all of us! From russia With LOVE

      • One Love

        Much respect and God Bless..

    • DJ D Crispim

      DJ J from Brazil …congratulations…the best music of radio !

    • wu i.m.p.

      fuckin awesome this radio, i’m in lugo, northwest of spain, and last night nothin better than smoke some weed with my homies, drink some orange juice and listen one love hip hop radio, thanks 4 existing bros, you’re doin a great job
      PD: Wu tang forever

    • José

      this radio is awesome!!!

      congratulations from brazil!!!

    • drytz ←

      heyy heyy !! desde bogota colombia ! salu2 4 elementos al margen urbano

      • Nosrag

        Hi. this it the best Radio, I love hip hop

    • macharia

      i discovered one love hip hop two days ago and am even listening at work its like im born again this is music that touches my soul i loooove you guys- love from kenya

    • Anonymous

      u b bringin da beats yo!! keep up da work my soldiers…

    • Diogo

      While I’m at home One’s always my company!
      The Best Radio out there!

      Congrats from Portugal!

    • Olga

      Hello from Russia! This radio is absolutely awesome. I use to listen to it everyday) the playlist doesn’t include the same tunes everyday like another radio stations, that’s why i love One love hip hop radio so much, keep on doing this great job))

    • Anonymous

      I love you guys and you always have an awesome selection of hiphop. Wouldn’t even imagine you guys would play “CYNE”. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Michael

      Nice radio great songs great job and.

    • wooha

      damn good month now – since in found that station :)

      good job dr_dj

    • Cobi

      Track List ok :)

      but.. (Artist / Title) not displayed :((

      Very cool radio!

      Thank You!

      Best Regards , Budapest – Hungary

    • HipHopTime

      famously, awesome! Respect from Sain-Petersburg,Russia!

    • Borislav

      Hello, One Love Hip Hoppers!

      Great thanks from Lom, Bulgaria. I listen to radio online and want to say that this is simply the best hip hop radio.
      It’s just a radio for connoisseurs!

      Happy New Year.

    • jimmy

      I gotta bump the roots, mos def, kweli, common, oddisee, foreign exchange, etc…. and you guys play it the radio. thanx! u make work more acceptable.
      thanx onelove.

    • dannipac

      congratulations! very good radio and thank you for this beautiful music known as hip hop … my deepest admiration for this great radio .. greetings from chile

    • Sebastian

      Un saludo a todos los panas de One Love Hip Hop Radio! acompañandome todos los dias y noches con verdadera musica! sigan adelante con mas fuerza que por aca en el fin del mundo, Chile, los escuchamos siempre!
      Paz y respetos!

    • Isaac

      Never mind, i found it (scrolled up a little) :)

    • Carlo

      Hola , Podrían poner los nombres de todos los temas (los promo igual). saludos desde Santiago,Chile.

    • gangsta_h

      hello everybory whos the song name between prodigy – my angel ?? and ?? notorious big – niggas bleed thanks..

    • Alecsey

      nice bits
      DJ respect
      on the same wavelength
      Ukraine with you

    • Anonymous

      there is one track played several times a day but the title is never displayed. 2 tracks ago.

    • Dj D

      Aqui é o Dj D Crispim do Brasil, ONE LOVE, sem dúvida a melhor programação de hip hop. continuem assim…

    • Brett

      Love you guys so much. Wish you where an FM Radio station in Montreal. Glad I get to listen to you online everyday.

      • One Love

        Anything is possible… Thank you.

    • Zacer

      Excelente musica hip hop de todos los paises y estilos …deberian poner hip hop Chileno …es bueno…..Saludos desde Chile a todos los hermanos

    • jimmy

      thanx for helping work go by quick. the illz- ” in between us remix” dope!

    • Jay Lawrens

      Real Hip-Hop sh*t guys, listen to you every day. More Old School.

    • e1even1

      I have this on 24/7. I even listen in my sleep.

      • One Love


    • Catalin

      I’m from Romania and you are simply….the best!
      Listen you every day!
      Best music,best regards!

      • One Love

        Thank you

    • Anonymous

      yo im from Bulgaria and yes its a great radio i really appreciate your work and im sending the radio link to all my friends who can value it :))))

    • Lee

      I don’t watch TV or listen to radio anymore coz I just don’t like what they play…you guys are great. Great way to discover great music that is not forced down our throats !

    • Anonymous

      from italy , thanks for this station :)

    • AsH


      Best Online Hip-Hop Radio Evah… I’m from Bulgaria and I just heard a dope nigga beat, so I checked it quickly and it was “Makaveli, Juvenile & The Notorious B.I.G. – Ha”. May you play that track again :).

      Thank you!

      Best regards.

    • Marcin

      I believe You really love what you do in the radio. No commercials, no talking just great great tunes all day long. I really regret i can only listen to them in the web.

      Best regards from poland!

      Ps. if you could only change that pause sound like f1 bolids passing by, it’s really annoying.

      • One Love

        jaja Ok, No more sounds of NASCAR…

    • Sebastian

      You are the best radio of Hip Hop, you´re amazing , thanks from Colombia

    • Svetoslav Vasilev

      Hello from Bulagaria!!!

    • Raymond

      Hi, I would like to ask if you could provide the few tracks played on Friday night 11/7/14 between midnight and 1.30am or the 5 ones previous to the track with lyrics “dancing’s what clears my soul”. I think it was the second or third track back from this one. It was fantastic and I would like to know what it was. Could anyone help me with my search?. All I am able to do is take down the titles of them, listen to them and hopefully I will know which it was. Love the show…brilliant…thankyou…please help…someone!

    • jay

      you guyz are dope, wish i had discovered you earlier.

    • skull

      Love your playlist guys much respekt all the way from durban south africa


      All the way from TRINIDAD&TOBAGO I love this site you play the songs i admire from UNDERGROUND to ON THE GROUND itself from 90’s to now u bad keep it up always locked on also love the cassette form on the LIVE page brings back memories

    • Tiago Silva

      Hey guys

      i’m from lisbon, portugal and i started to listen to onelovehiphop! is simply the best, old school shits the greats hits! omg 2pac,big,nas,wutang,snoop,mop. keep doing that! fuck comercials, i love this radio



    • Ivo

      Hey guys,

      After googling a bit for a decent hiphop radio, I came across you guys….
      DAMN! Only the best songs, the nicest, the hardest and the dopest.

      I am listening to your station my entire working day and if I get the chance the evenings as well. (from Netherlands).

      BTW shout out to your 90s classic support! As a 90s kid (born in 88) I get so freakin’ hyped about most of the songs comming by! Especially since I ran into my old 90s hiphop CD collection recently 😀

      One Love! One Hip Hop!!!!

      • One Love

        Thanks, stay tuned new Big things soon

    • João Marcello Gonçalves

      man.. so many classics in this mix.. pure fire!

      • Carlos

        Thank you. more mixes like that soon..

    • Edwin Tadjahmadi

      This is so dope

      • Carlos

        Thanks Bro.

    • Sir Kenny

      am rebroadcasting you live stream on my blog…live

    • Sergio Fernández

      Please do an app from this radio

    • Stanford JH Omoregbee

      nicely done, im feelin all yah beats…. #nigeria

    • Madddin

      one love!

    • barry williams

      TRINIDAD trini say this station rocks

    • Valery

      How to see the songs that were played 4 am to 5 pm?

      • Carlos

        Tune in APP

    • Dom Tex

      Man, some songs on ur advertising i wish i knew the name of them :/

      • Carlos

        Yeah I Know, Try with Shazam or SoundHound :)

        • Dom Tex

          thx man, ill remember that